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Dan Tedesco is an alternative folk musician whose sound resonates and captivates audiences. His latest single, “You Want Me to Stay (But I Have To Go)” is a testament to his incredible talent, combining his Americana sound with raw human emotion. Performing live, audience members get a direct gaze into the artist’s spirit, showing the vulnerable & authentic space of Dan Tedesco’s inspiration and sound.

Dan Tedesco is the quintessential modern-day troubadour, narrating the American experience in song honestly and intimately, and with a big sound to boot.” – Iowa Public Radio, Ben Kieffer. Dan is currently embarking on a tour throughout the Midwest with outlier stops (including New York, and Kentucky) providing fans with an opportunity to experience his music live; including An Evening with Dan Tedesco at the Village Theatre in East Village of Davenport, IA. on November 18th.

Photographs provided by: Dan Tedesco

Dan, thank you for taking the time to do this interview. How have the “travels” & shows been treating you so far?

Thanks for taking the time to talk, as well. This year, for me, both the shows and travel have felt much more back to pre-Covid. It’s been really wonderful to be getting back out more and more.


You’ve played in the quad cities area before, including codfish hollow in 2022, and Redstone Room back in 2020 with Chicago Farmer, what is it about the QC music community that keeps you coming back?

Over the years, playing in the QC-area, I’ve always received a very authentic response from audiences. That is more than enough to keep me coming back as much as possible.

For a lot of artists, inspiration is pulled from experience. You have an alluring and authentic sound that correlates “pure & raw emotion”. What’s your process usually like for diving that deep into such vulnerable spaces and recording it?

Dan Tedesco – “I rarely dive into work in the middle of a particular experience, but rather as a reaction to it. Songwriting is like meditation. You work through your feelings and emotions and use those as tools to sculpt an idea. At my best, I work very quickly without thinking much at all, and then go back the next day or a few days later and edit. Sometimes one pass is all it takes, and sometimes that process goes on for weeks or months. But, for me, the essence of a song, a good song, usually comes very quickly from a subconscious place.”


To follow that question up, where do you find time to dive into that vulnerable space and turn your experiences into lyrics while on the road. (we know how exhausting tours can be)?

Dan Tedesco – “These days I’m not out for long runs like I used to be. At most, I’m gone for 3 or 4 days, which allows for a bit more “normal” of a work schedule.”

We are excited to see your journey continue and look forward to seeing you Nov.18th at the Village Theatre. Is there anything you would like to share with the echo before you get back to the road?

Just a heads up, the majority of what you’ll find from me on streaming platforms these days is singles. If you’re interested in digging in deeper, visit my website to connect with the DTMC (Dan Tedesco Music Channel). That’s the mainline to my artistic world.
See you at the show!


Thank you for sharing your journey with the QC music community. Listen to Dan Tedesco live on Nov.18th at the Village Theatre, tickets are on sale now, doors open at 7pm show starts at 8pm. 

You can also connect with Dan on Dan Tedesco Music Channel.

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