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About Us

We have one mission at the Echo: Build our music scene. 

The Quad Cities’ music scene is vast and at any given moment there is an artist or a promoter working to bring an essential art form to the public. We are in awe of how hard these contributors work to bring entertainment to our region, so we’re doing our best to bring it to you here. Every show, every artist, and all the people working to make it happen, all in one place. 

Our scene encompasses every style and genre you can wrap your head around. You can feel it the moment you walk into one of our venues and in the way we interact with one another. Whether it’s in a barn in the middle of nowhere or the coffee shop bringing four-square back to life, you’re about to see some Midwest gold, and we have a burning urge to share that magic with you. 

Whether it’s one of our daily doses of live music, a new record, or someone we just think you should know about, you will find us shouting about it from rooftops, bar stools and car windows. 

Our Goals for the Echo

  • Build a strong, trustworthy, and connected community where everyone is safe, protected, and respected.

  • Encourage a community that boasts crowds and lineups which truly reflect our community.

  • Promote meaningful, safe, and ultimately fun experiences.

  • Move through every evolution of our community with integrity.


We’re a small operation with big dreams for the Quad Cities.
to contribute to our work?

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