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By highlighting venues with an audience capacity below 500, the series aims to showcase the intimate and personal experiences that these venues provide. The series acknowledges that larger venues, and bars often dominate the music scene conversation with either touring musicians or cover bands and seeks to shed light on the charm and character of the Quad Cities’ smaller music venues.

Getting to Know The Grape Life Wine Store and Lounge

Photographed & Written by: Matthew Terry

June took me to a space that is a bit off the beaten path when it comes to local venues, and may not even cross the minds of many when they think of local spaces providing live music on a weekly basis. I’m hoping this article changes that. 

While The Grape Life Wine Store and Lounge has been in its current location since 2008, the building it has been housed in for more than a decade was here long before. This place was once a mecca of sorts for me as a child, as it was the home of the nearest Blockbuster to my house well into my teenage years. This building was one of the most exciting places for a child to walk into, as parents cut their kids loose to pick up the latest movies, video games, and various snacks seemingly designed to stick in their teeth.

While we’d like to think that the days of renting movies in the classic sense aren’t too far removed from the present, this one-time Blockbuster has been gone for nearly 2 decades, with The Grape Life taking over the space almost 15 years ago, replacing the latest movie and video game releases with their own form of entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a Saturday night out, or simply a short escape from the weekday monotony, The Grape Life Wine Store and Lounge is here, offering an experience that extends far beyond wine. 

The Grape Life takes a great deal of pride in the personal experience, care, and attention they supply to their patrons, and it is truly what keeps bringing people back to the lounge to the point of feeling like a family. The was made immediately clear as each guest walking in was greeted by the owners, Diane and Kevin Koster, in a way that had me feeling like I was in episode of Cheers. Diane and Kevin are in the lounge 99% of the time, and they aren’t here just to sell you wine. They truly aim to get to know everyone who comes through the door.

The pair have been operating this business since 2015, when they took over from Jim and Nancy Renkes, who originally opened the space seven years prior. Interestingly, Diane was a regular customer before taking over ownership of this space, so she understands the values of what made this wine lounge so inviting. She and Kevin have certainly built on that to create something that keeps growing nearly a decade after the switch.

You can tell Diane and Kevin take great pride in what they’ve built and what The Grape Life represents. It’s intimate with a laid-back ambiance that certainly differentiates it from other spaces in the QC that supply live music. The room is full of comfortable chairs and couches, in addition to table seating. This is not your common “standing room only” type of performance space.

With a “fake” fireplace set against a backdrop of family photos and a large Grape Life sign, there’s a welcome warmth to the space, with mood lighting, and a complete lack of television sets it is designed for conversing, making connections, and truly removing yourself from the daily stresses we all carry with ourselves a bit too frequently. Even when a musician is filling the space with sound, one can easily converse with their neighbors without shouting or otherwise feeling like a hindrance to the performance. The Grape Life provides a great balance in this sense, as you aren’t stuck deciding between a night out with only music or conversation.

They have a full schedule of events including jazz trios, solo singer-songwriters, and even the occasional swing act, which are a perfect fit in this intimate space that has a capacity just a shade above 50. Nearly every Friday and Saturday evening is full with some of your favorite local acts and new favorites inviting you in for an escape from the city rushing just steps outside the door.

While music is clearly in the bones of the owners, and ingrained within the walls of the building itself, there are also weekly events and options for those that may wish to avoid the nights where bands grace the stage. Every Wednesday from 5pm until 8pm The Grape Life presents Wine Down Wednesdays, featuring $6 glasses of your favorite wine and free chair massages. For the true wine lover, they offer a three-tiered wine club, from a $25 bottle once a month to two reds and two whites each month for $69. 

The Grape Life is also open for small gatherings, be it a book club, bridal shower, meeting, or general party, and while the name may lead one to believe wine is the only option, the lounge also features a wide selection of craft beer and premium liquor. Whether you prefer a cocktail, IPA, or want to keep it classically simple with a bourbon on the rocks, The Grape Life has you covered.

From lovers of music to those looking to unwind with a glass of wine in a calm space, The Grape Life Wine Store and Lounge provides a unique ambiance – intimate without feeling invasive – a refuge for relaxation.

Venue Name: The Grape Life Wine Store and Lounge


Venue Address: 3402 Elmore Avenue, Davenport, IA 52807

Phone: (563) 355-7070




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