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The situation in Ukraine has left many feeling helpless. Not only for those in Ukraine but here in the US wishing to offer their support but are unsure how. Joy Avenue Media is presenting “Playing for Peace,” a benefit concert of live music to fundraise for the millions of refugees and families that have been affected by the war in Ukraine. Like many, Dustin Cobb of Joy Avenue Media, located in Bettendorf, Iowa, saw the need to help but was unsure how to do so.

“Like a lot of people, I was finding it hard to go about normal life and activities knowing so many were suffering in the Ukraine,” Cobb said. “I felt helpless to do anything of any significance. When I decided to sponsor a fundraiser for the Ukrainian Refugees, a benefit concert seemed like the best way to do it. Since the pandemic began, I have been running live streams from my recording studio, so I already had the infrastructure in place.”

Joy Avenue Media (JAM), like many, needed to adjust its business model to fit needs during the pandemic the last few years. They began to offer live-stream concerts as a safe alternative to support musicians and support entertainment for those of us stuck at home. The studio includes a multi-camera setup and interface, allowing the studio to put on a quality production while being able to transfer to another band performing live in another state.  

Cobb had the infrastructure in place; now, all he needed were the bands. He reached out to various talents, including musicians from; Quad Cities, Portland, ME, Omaha, NE, Bay City, MI, and Denver, CO. 

“Absolutely everyone I spoke with was interested in participating, and it grew to 25 bands rather quickly,” Cobb said. 

The live-stream marathon event is March 31, beginning at 3 pm CST and going until 11 pm CST, and will be on a live feed from Joy Avenue Media’s Facebook Page. Donations are encouraged throughout, and they gave themselves a high goal to raise. 

“We have set a lofty goal of raising 50k for “Razom for Ukraine,” and the link to the fundraiser is also on the Joy Avenue Media Page,” Cobb says. “The goal is to raise as much money as we can. We’re setting a goal of $50,000, but our hope is to surpass that.”

Though the stream will be free, donations are encouraged to support those affected in Ukraine. 100% of the money raised goes through Ranzom – an organization directly helping Ukrainian refugees by providing them with food, medical supplies, and clothing. If you have been feeling helpless and looking for a way to help Ukraine while being here, this is a great place to start.

“Playing for Peace” will be streamed from Joy Avenue Media’s Facebook page on May 31. For more information or to donate, please visit the event page. 

 The full list of bands includes: 



Manuel 3

Bobby Chance 

Kris Lager

Ballroom Thieves

Tiffany Christopher

David G Smith

Jason Carl

Piso’s Cure

Avey Grouws Band

Randy Leasman Band

Meyers Brothers


Al Sweet

Jordan Danielson

Jenny Lynn Stacey

The Wontu Trees

Douglas and Tucker


The Velies

Logan Springer & The Wonderfully Wild 

The Dawn


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