A Sit Down with Sean Ryan of the River Music Experience - The Echo

Echo: How did you get started promoting shows? 

Sean: Pretty much Dawn and On was the start. We started growing the Dawn* and it just got to the point where it was getting bigger and bigger to where I had to step in and do a lot more business. That all has led me to this point. 

*The Dawn is a Quad Cities band that Sean is a member of. 


E: Are there any events that you’re especially proud of? 

S: Dawn and On is the biggest one. I’m really excited to get started on some more community events here with RME with some younger bands. Al Sweet and I have been talking about doing some smaller events with the younger bands and helping those guys out. I’m really excited for that. 


E: Are there any specific upcoming shows that you’re excited about?

S: I’m really excited for the Abbey Road concert at Schwiebert Park on August 7th. That’s going to be a really cool collaboration between a lot of people around. It’s an All Sweat production so that kind of encompasses a lot of local musicians, a lot of local talent, all together to do the entire Abbey Road record by The Beatles but then also do some extra stuff, too. The Dawn is going to come in and close it out. I think we’re going to have a bunch of strings and an orchestra. It’s going to be pretty cool. 


E: What do you think the special qualities of the Redstone Room are? 

S: The Redstone Room, and RME in particular, is the pillar of the community for where music happens. Our jobs now are you going to be focused on bringing everyone together. We want to do different shows with different people around the area and doing shows that will represent not just one area of people, but as many as we possibly can.


E: Do you have a favorite place to watch shows from in the Redstone Room?

S: No, not really actually. I honestly like every time I’m just hovering around all over. I think sitting at the end of the bar is a go-to to chill out, but no I like to flow all over the place. 


E: What should someone expect when they come to the Redstone Room? 

S: Our goal is for it to be for everyone. That’s kind of going to be our mission. We want to encompass more social groups that we haven’t appealed to in the past. We want it to be known to more people and try to broaden out a little bit more. 


E: What is your vision moving forward?

S: That’s a big one. I think the mindset moving forward is we want to be more community involved and not just doing shows here, but doing shows throughout the community with different organizations. 


E: Why the Quad Cities?

S: This is where I grew up. With growing the band and business and traveling out and seeing different markets for music, I mean we kill it here. We seriously do. The Quad Cities is a special place for the arts scene and the music scene in particular. There are a lot of different scenes, which I love that thought of coming in and trying to blend things together. We’ve done that in the past and I’m excited for the RME to get moving in that direction, also. 

For more information about the happenings of the River Music Experience, follow them on their social channels and look for updates on their website: rivermusicexperience.org

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