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Born in St. Louis, Alex Duncan was adopted as an infant and raised in rural Eastern Iowa. As a child, he enjoyed music and was active in singing activities at church where his music abilities started getting noticed. Not only did he have good pitch and timing, but he also had a pleasing voice and the ability to harmonize. At age 15, due to his mother’s influence, he taught himself on guitar, wrote his first song, and performed it at church. His parents bought him a Mac and “Garage Band” software and he set to teaching himself how to produce music. At 17, on Dec 20, 2012 (day before the predicted end of the world) he finished the song, “Apocalypse” which was later studio recorded in Chicago.

Eventually, he caught the attention of people in music circles in the Quad-cities, and with support from parents, friends, Corey Kennel Smith, and DJ K Yung, he began performing at local venues, changing his name to “Alyx Rush” for trademark reasons. His next original, “Minutes” was recorded at Lounge Studios in Manhattan, New York. His “Quad-city Rush Tour in the fall of 2015 featured Minutes and 2 other originals: “Desire” and “Trouble,” the latter featuring Detroit rapper, Kyle Mack. The tour caught the attention of local media and he was featured on local TV and radio stations and in newspapers. From there, he spent a few months in LA, but alone, and with no contacts, he returned to Davenport to continue his music while working.

Since then, Alyx has written several more originals and was anxious to get them recorded. He decided to check out “Graveyard Studios”, a new recording studio in Davenport, IA owned and operated by Josh Graves. While there, he met a rapper named Oddball (Jovan Willhite) whose independent record label had distribution under Sony Music Entertainment®️. Oddball recognized his talent, signed Alyx right away, and under the management of Natalie Long things are moving along quickly. Alyx has worked with many other artists including Dondria Nicole (Phatfffat), OddBall, Kyle Mack, A. Barb, and others. Plans are for a new single out in January, a re-release of his debut single “Minutes” with a new sound, and an EP sometime later this year (2018).

Alyx’s musical style is definitely alternative pop with some R&B flare, influenced by some of his favorite artists: Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Frank Ocean, Justin Bieber, Tracy Chapman, Jason Derulo, Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendez, and others, but his sound is all his own. Fun and deep at the same time, his songs grab your heart and his voice brings you to tears! Watch out, world! Here comes Alyx Rush!

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