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Jaawan Arrington is a QC Native that uses his skills outside of the newsroom to promote positivity. Through the 100 Series lifestyle brand, Jaawan has encouraged thousands of Quad Citizens to keep it 100 and share their stories. In his own words, here are a handful of his favorite QC-based bands.

#1+ #2 TAJ. + East$ide Ave. 

I’m going to have to start with my cousins Tayvian Johnson and Avery Pearl. They’re a part of the East$ide Tribe out here in East Moline. I’m an East Moline guy, so I’m all about supporting anyone from the EastSide! 

They do great work! They own E$ Sounds, a music studio in downtown East Moline. They are providing a great creative outlet for not just people of East Moline, but people all over the Quad Cities to express themselves musically and I think what they’re doing is absolutely incredible. 

I remember when they were making beats out of a basement in Rock Island and then they were able to get the spot in East Moline and they have just turned that into something really special. They’re doing a lot of different shows. 

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#3 Young Scrimmage

Another one of my favorites is Young Scrimmage. He’s a music producer in the area. He produces a lot of different beats. He’s produced a lot of the music for the 100 Series that I run. I love his style. I personally think his style really fits the 100 Series brand and what it represents. I’m very thankful to have crossed paths with him. 

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He’s another music producer. Same reasons as Young Scrimmage honestly. He’s written and produced music for me for a couple of years now. He actually has the intro song for my 100 Series podcast. So anytime you listen to my podcast, you’ll hear his music right at the very beginning and the very end. Again, great work. I love being able to collaborate with him. 


#5 Lewis Knudsen 

He’s been performing in the Quad Cities for quite a while. When I first started the 100 Series, about six and a half years ago now, he was one of the first people to offer me music that I could use. I always made it a point to always use locally produced music. One because I like supporting local artists and so more people can hear them and learn more about the artists amongst them here in the Quad Cities. I always try to make a point to go to his shows and buy his music. I love what he’s doing. 

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