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The Quad Cities is a unique and wonderful place in many different ways, but one, in particular, stands out: our potential. We have the potential to make the Quad Cities a flourishing and vibrant place where we can come together and share our love of music and art as a community. This act of gathering and expression is central and essential to the growth of any community. 

 To grow into this said potential, we first have to recognize what’s broken. Recently, a number of brave voices spoke about their own experiences in the QC. It would be wrong for us to acknowledge their trauma without a call to action. Solidarity: Coming Together to Support Survivor Services is an effort to pave the way for future Quad Citizens and ensure safety is a key component in all aspects of our community, including the arts. 

Sexual assault and harassment aren’t new forms of violence for concert-goers. Making plans to go in groups, ensuring that everyone is accounted for, never letting a friend go anywhere alone is as routine as buying the ticket. The normalization of predatory behavior eats away at the heart of what music and live entertainment is meant to do: bring us together. 

“Our community has normalized predatory behavior and has ignored the voices of those who have come forward about issues of sexual violation and predatory behavior. Not only are we not having the conversations, but we also lack the necessary skills to act when we do see an issue arise. Other areas of the QC are having these conversations and implementing training programs within their workplaces and spheres of influence. The QC creative community can and needs to become more vigilant about addressing this issue.” Moselle Singh, survivor and Solidarity event organizer, said. 

Solidarity: Coming Together to Support Survivor Services is formed by a collective that recognized that sexual violence and predatory behavior in the QC music scene has gone on for way too long. They came together with one goal: to stand side by side with survivors and raise awareness acknowledging that musicians, venue owners, patrons, staff, and community promoters. As these are the key players that should be held to the standard of creating a safe space for ALL.

“More than just raising money, we are raising awareness and creating spaces for effective conversation, skill-building, and hopefully real systemic change in our community..” Singh said. 

Solidarity: Coming Together to Support Survivor Services is a call to action to show up and show out for survivors, ensuring that the Quad Cities is a welcoming, safe, and thriving place for everyone. This concert is raising funds to support Family Resources and will support victims of sexual violence in the Quad Cities. 

Solidarity will be held on July 9 at the Whisky Stop in East Moline. Attendees will hear from an incredible lineup featuring Murnau, Ross Clowser Trio, Mirabilia, Yung Flvy, BN WhoIAm (ft. Crealot and K1ng Supr3m3), and Alyx Rush. 

Solidarity is made possible with support from community organizers and sponsors; Moselle Singh, Evan Atherton, River Music Experience, The Echo, WVIKFM, Family Resources, Underground Economy and KWQC News. 


Solidarity: Coming Together to Support Survivors Services

When: Friday, July 9 from 5 PM-10 PM

Where: Whiskey Stop, 726 15th Ave East Moline, IL 61244

Admission: Requires proof of donation to this online fundraiser:

Madelyn Dorta is a multimedia creator with a deep passion for coffee and the arts. She makes a little of her own at her creative studio, Wrightwood Studios. You can see more of Madelyn’s work IG @madelyn.dorta.

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