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Romantic holidays come with their fair share of challenges.
What do we do?
How can I make it different than a regular date?
I don’t have a romantic partner, so do I just sit at home and wallow?
Luckily, there are plenty of great little pockets in the Quad Cities where you can celebrate with your lover and your friends.

Ragged Records (Rock Island, IL)

Ragged Records 

We won’t lie. We’re pulling a little inspiration from the Gen Z Target trend. Head to your respective side of the river Ragged Records, sift through the collection. Find the record that either reminds you of your person, their favorite album, or your favorite shared artist. Meet each other at the checkout or back in the car for the big reveal. Whichever method you decide, keep in mind you’re more than likely selecting your makeout track for the evening. 

Bonus points if you score a one-of-a-kind piece from Trash Can Annies! 

The Grape Life (Davenport, IA)

The Grape Life 

This quaint wine bar is tucked away in a business district of Davenport. Between the wine collection and smooth jazz pumping through the speakers, the vibes will make you feel like the best version of Diane Keaton you could ask for. This experience is highly recommended for a much-desired wine night with your best pals or the perfect place to daydream about your future with your lover. 

The Botanical Center (Rock Island, IL)

The Botanical Center 

This may not seem like the most musically friendly date night, but hear us out. Create a shared playlist of all your favorite songs and a comfortable walk alongside incredible plants. Early 2000’s Rom-Coms couldn’t even compete.  

May we suggest sifting through the discography of K1ng Supr3m3 if you’re looking for a soundtrack to the evening vibe. 

Rozz-Tox (Rock Island, IL)


If you’re from the Quad Cities, you know there is a particular sort of magic that happens inside the walls of Rozz-Tox. The community, environment, and out-of-the-ordinary-ness bring a special Wes Anderson-odd to the occasion. Whether you’re grabbing a slow morning coffee with your partner or a post-work beer with friends, the ambiance of Rozz-Tox will make it a memorable moment. 

Wake Brewing (Rock Island, IL)

Wake Brewing 

If your musical tastes swing more toward the metal end of the spectrum and you haven’t been to wake yet…you’re a disappointment. The brewery is covered in truly incredible concert photography of Josh Ford’s and consistently playing your dream metal soundtrack. Take it easy with Invisible Oranges or sift through their selection for a DIY taste testing. 

P.s. Ask for half-pours if you’re going for the latter. 

Any Concert 

If there is a concert…go. While we may be biased, we’re pretty sure there isn’t anything quite like hearing a new song that you love for the first time, and getting to share that with your person or your people elevates that experience even more. Check out the ECHO Community Calendar or any of these venues websites for their listings:

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