The Effie Afton - The Echo

From the tranquil neighborhoods of the midwest, The Effie Afton is a force to be reckoned with. From hushed tones to screaming tube amps, they combine classic midwest indie rock sounds with singer-songwriter influences to take you on a musical and emotional roller coaster. Through music, The Effie Afton reaches people who have encountered despondence and connects at a very personal level by letting them know they’re not alone.

The Effie Afton’s music is a tapestry of deep, emotionally charged lyrics with catchy melodies and bitter-sweet instrumentation leave you wondering if you’re in a dream. Blending influences from a variety of music, The Effie Afton creates a unique sound that will get your feet moving with excitement. Though they may sound upbeat, the subtle undertones portray a more honest look at life. These undertones make the music relatable on a very human level.

Based in the Quad City area of IL/IA, the members of The Effie Afton grew up with very different backgrounds. Tim and Ben grew up singing in a choir together but lost touch as they grew older. As fate would have it, each of the members enrolled at a local college to study Jazz. It is through the music program that the members became acquainted, though they wouldn’t begin writing music together for several more years. In the fall of 2012, the friends met in a garage heated by a wood-burning stove and began developing the sound that would become that of The Effie Afton.

In 2014 The Effie Afton released their self-titled EP, a four-song album dripping with emotion yet provides a “pillowy softness”. The album received good reviews from local media and was recently remastered and re-released. The outfit is working on another EP to be followed up by a couple of music videos and then their first full-length album.

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