FVNTVNV - The Echo


FVNTVNV, born Brian Fanning in Hoffman Estates, IL is an upcoming music producer and songwriter that is looking to break the boundaries of what the modern producer can do. His style ranges from smooth R&B tracks to some of the hardest knocking Trap beats you’ll hear. He also likes to pay tribute to Hip-Hop’s beginnings with classic-sounding Boom-Bap tracks. Whatever sound you are looking for, FVNTVNV is bringing it to the table.

FVNTVNV did not start his musical career in Hip-Hop, however. He is a classically trained percussionist who got his start performing and teaching in marching percussion ensembles. He has performed with the WGI ensemble Cavaliers Indoor Percussion (formerly called Green Thunder Percussion) as well as teaching for multiple High School groups in the Chicagoland area. He also taught drums at United Township High School, which is where the rest of the East$iders went to school back in the day.

FVNTVNV’s creative production style alongside the innovative flows and lyricism of the vocalists of East$iders creates something everyone can vibe to.  

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