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Angela Meyer has been performing her brand of country & western music professionally since the age of sixteen. As a storyteller with a passion for her listeners, she stays true to “three chords & the truth”. Angela pulls in the crowd with a sweet voice and brutal honesty. She knows what it’s like to be in the audience, her earliest memories taking her back to being a child dancing in a smoky tent while her mama sang on stage with her band at the Iowa State Fair. Even before she could talk, Angela was singing along with the radio and introduced to her musical heroes through her grandparents’ record player in their Iowa farmhouse. Around 10 years old, they gave her a guitar for Christmas, but it was so large she had to lay it across her lap to learn how to play it. She finally revisited the guitar at fifteen, starting to write her own songs and creating the foundation that has built her dream into a lifelong career.

Even during her limited time on Earth, Angela has witnessed many changes to the “country” genres and how they are defined. She sees the backlash as people speaking out about what is getting radio play & what is being overlooked. Listeners do not need to be educated on musical theory or the music business to feel that what’s being put out there is largely over-produced and under-thought. In a world more concerned about image than content, Angela boldly offers authenticity through her artistry. Her writing paints a picture of the human experience with wisdom far beyond her years.

Angela is continuously expanding her career into a lifelong journey of bringing music to those who need it most. Her debut album, Consequence, is available NOW wherever you stream music or as a physical CD through her website.

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