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Josh Graves, Underground Economy owner, knows a thing or two about the Quad Cities music scene. His experience working with bands in the Underground Economy studio and through the Underground Xperience showcases has him circulating through various artists in our community. In his own words, here are a handful of his favorite QC-based bands. 



#1 The Channel Cats 

The Channel Cats are really cool! They were at one of the first Underground Xperience’s. They do great collaboration work across different genres. 

At all the shows I have, I try to end on all the previous acts of the night get up on stage with the last band and they do this awesome set. So for the last set of each of that particular show a bunch of the rappers that were in the audience just kind of came up and freestyle and singers came up and it was just this awesome last, surprise set that lasted like an hour. It was really cool. 

That was one of my first experiences with them! 

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#2 The Wontu Trees 

I just go to know Al Sweet with the River Music Experience and I got to see the Wontu Trees. They’re really cool and have a reggae background. The songs that they put together are really cool, especially live. It’s really cool to see them liven up the crowd. 

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#3 BN WhoIAm

I REALLY like BN. She’s a solo artist but she has a band and it’s really cool to see them come together. The different twists they put on different genres are really cool, especially during a live set. 

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#4 House of Animals 

My Underground Economy Engineer, Caleb Haussleman, has this cool band House of Animals. They’re super emo and I really like it. That’s not my favorite genre, so I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but I’m really into them right now. They have two or three songs that are out. I really like their lead singer, he’s very unique. 

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#5 The Textures 

I haven’t been able to see them live yet, but I’ve heard really great things. I checked out some of their music online and I really like them. 

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