Photo: Angela Meyer Performing at Codfish Hollow Barnstormers

Angela pulls in the crowd with a sweet voice and honest songwriting.  She knows what it’s like to be in the audience, her earliest memories taking her back to being a child dancing around a smoky beer tent at the Iowa State Fair while her mama sang on stage.  Even before she could talk, Angela was singing along with the radio and introduced to her musical heroes through her grandparents’ record player in their Iowa farmhouse. At 10 years old, they gave her a guitar for Christmas, but it was so large she had to lay it across her lap to learn how to play it.  She finally revisited the guitar at fifteen, starting to write her own songs and creating the foundation that has built her dream into a lifelong career.  Find her new album “Legions & Legends” anywhere music is bought or streamed. 

Angela Meyer is a country music artist who calls the Quad Cities “home”.  Her live show explores many genres of music through acoustic covers as well as her own country/western originals.  She has played professionally around the QC area for over 10 years and has traveled far beyond to play shows anywhere from New Mexico to New York.  Along the way she’s graced stages of all sizes including the National Finals Rodeo events in Las Vegas.  For fans of Kacey Musgraves, Johnny Cash, The Eagles, Lizzo, Bob Seger and more!  Hear her on YouTube at

Name/Band Name: ANGELA MEYER

Genre: country / WESTERN

Members in band: MOSTLY SOLO, BUT…

“When I do have a band you can bet that I’ve got Alex Axup on bass, Sean Ryan on lead guitar, Tommy Pickett Jr. on steel guitar, and either Cooper Shou or Bryan West on drums depending on their availability!”

First paid gig: 16 years old, Mojo’s Cafe (downstairs of “river music experience” now common chord)

Favorite venue to play at: raccoon motel

Before gig/On tour Food choice: Anything local. also whiskey

If you didn’t become a musician/musicians, what do you think you would be doing right now?

Wishing I was a musician!


How did you get started in playing music in the Quad Cities?

I started playing music in the Quad Cities when I got my first paid gig when I was 16 years old at Mojo’s Cafe (now the community stage at Common Chord).


What is the experience like for a first time fan at your show?

My hope is that it’s an awakening for them… that there’s a chick on stage who tells it like it is and is totally fine to claim McCausland, IA as her hometown.  I hope they feel safe to be themselves and have FUN when they’re in the audience at one of my shows!

Photo By: Joshua Kidman.

Describe your creative process for making new music?

Chaotic.  My creative process looks like a lot of mental note-taking as I hear or see things that inspire me.  Usually that then becomes a note in my phone, followed by a video recording to figure out melody and be able to listen to it later when I inevitably will forget what I was trying to create!


What has been the key to your success in the QC music scene?

Community.  Treat people well and genuinely love and work hard for the places that take a chance on me.  .


What do you enjoy most about playing in the QC area?

I can make the majority of my living an hour from home and get to cuddle my dogs every night.  I love seeing the diversity of places in the area and meeting so many awesome people- both in the audience and on their staff!


Are there any reasons you don’t like playing in the QC area?

Booking agents.  I don’t like seeing owners who hire “booking agents” who in turn take money out of the artist’s paycheck to book shows for a venue.  It leads to a lack of diversity in the music artists/opportunities and let me tell you how frustrating it is to want to play a place for years and they have a gatekeeper… pass.  As an artist I TRULY enjoy reaching out and hearing from all my venue owners.  In my mind, I want to play places where the owners are present enough to care about who plays in their space and want to have that working relationship directly.

How do you think we can overcome this?

It will take an understanding/care from the venues/booking agents to see that these booking agents are an added expense and service to the VENUE, not to the artist.  On our end, it is the exact same amount of leg work (an exchange of a couple emails/messages) and is always a lower paying show than if we book directly with a venue. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to other local musicians?

Do no harm.  Take no bull. 


If you could have Quad City fans remember one thing about you?

That I cared about my craft and my community.  I also really want “Hometown of Angela Meyer” on the McCausland welcome sign.

Angela has open up for: Cody Canada & The Departed, Jason Boland & The Stragglers, Flatland Cavalry, BJ Barham (American Aquarium), Milk Carton Kids, Katie Pruitt, Chicago Farmer, Margo Price (Buffalo Clover), Angaleena Presley (The Pistol Annie’s), Aaron Carter, Lillie Mae & The Local Honeys.

Angela also hosts her own radio segment, “Muddy Water Radio” on Vintage Radio 107.7 WQUD on Saturdays, 2PM – 5PM!

My mom was in a country music cover band, and one of my earliest memories is looking at the smoke and the lights at the Iowa State Fair while music played in the beer tent,”


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