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The Echo recently sat down with Logan Springer of Logan Springer & the Wonderfully Wild to learn more about their upcoming sophomore album, Crow. The Americana crooner promises an eclectic and memorable set of tracks on the horizon for this next collection. If you’re a fan of Niel Young, Jason Isbell, the Drive By Truckers, Bruce Springsteen, The Black Crowes or Sturgill
Simpson you will want to hear this record.

Frontman, Logan Springer of “Logan Springer & The Wonderfully Wild” performing at Dawn & On Music Festival 2022 | Photos provided by: Logan Springer & The Wonderfully Wild

Born and raised in small town Illinois, Springer has found inspiration in the characters he’s met along his life’s path thus far. While spending his adult life in cities across the country, he managed to build an eclectic catalog of music prominently featured in his debut album, Coyote -”kī-yōte”. However, music was not always in Springer’s life. He found a love for the art later inlife, but his thirst for storytelling has always been a strong character trait. Something that really shines through on this latest album. When the music bug bit he found he was influenced most by artists like Jason Isbell, Neil Young and John Steinbeck. However, more recently, Tyler
Childers and Donald Ray Pollock have helped him open new doors as far as writing is concerned.

Logan Spring & The Wonderuflly Wild with former drummer Craig Shehorn, performing at Wild Wood Saloon in Iowa City.

Logan Springer & the Wonderfully Wild includes Logan Springer on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Murray Lee on the keys, guitar and backing vocals, Ben Schwind on bass and baritone guitars, Tom Swanson on the lead guitar and backing vocals and Logan Myers on drums. The alt-country/americana band plays in the Quad Cities, Iowa City/Cedar Rapids, & St. Paul circuits, as well as featured performerance at festivals like the Dawn and On Festival, at venues like the Raccoon Motel, and events like
Alternating Currents in downtown Davenport.


The album is features ten-tracks, with an added toy for the band, a Mulecaster Guitar. From the band’s Facebook page: “Added a new, unique piece of gear to the mix today. I got on the waitlist for a Mule Resonator Guitars Mulecaster a little over a year ago, and it arrived today. The fit and finish is incredible and the sound is like nothing I’ve ever heard, in the best way possible. Can’t wait to play it out (and on record) and share the love with ya’ll.” Additionally, the band’s former drummer Craig Shehorn laid all the percussion tracks on the new album.



Springer’s Mulecastor guitar, created by Matt Eich of Mule Resophonic, is comprised of steel with a semi-hollow body that creates a hollow 3D resonance that’s hard to explain but easy to hear in the mix. 

The album will released on March 3rd, is best described by the band themselves,” The songs tell the stories of blue collar workers at the end of their rope, deadbeat dads trying their best, paranoid conspiracy theorists, bank robbery, self introspection after a night of drinking, and looking back at your life with disappointment/acceptance/pride, hoping for change.”


The songs are catchy and riff-heavy and the stories behind the songs paint a picture of true rural, blue-collar American life. Even the recording process, done so in a 100-year-old barn in rural Iowa (Flat Back Studio) pays homage to Springer’s roots. However, the songs on “Crow” are powerful in today’s landscape. Just to highlight a couple, “Crow” pokes fun at the impact of the conspiracy theorists that popped up during the Covid pandemic and “Headed Through Hell” is a hard look at the current opioid epidemic.

Logan Springer and The Wonderfully Wild’s Album Release Highlights at Common Chord on March 3rd, 2023. | Filmed by J. Wolfskill

The Crow itself represents the dichotomy Springer embodied nearly his entire life. Crows are often mistaken for dirty pests, when in reality they are capable of learning far more than a typical bird. Springer himself grew up as a redneck, but much more of a “well-readneck” and stood out from his peers. He grew up in a culture that celebrated a strong work ethic, not the pursuit of arts, but Springer manages both as an artist and in the storytelling in this album.

Logan Springer & The Wonderfully Wild, “Crow” album artwork.

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