FAQ - The Echo


Why isn’t my band listed? 

Oh no! We’re sorry we missed you during our search! We would love to include your Quad City-based band in our listing. Send us an email with your band’s website address, social media accounts, streaming links, and a hot pic.

How can I add my event to the calendar? 

We’re glad you asked! We have partnered with Visit Quad Cities to create a more inclusive calendar for everyone in and visiting the QC. 

Gather up all the necessary details of your event (who is playing? where is it? How much are tickets? Where can people get tickets? Is there an age restriction?) and punch it all in here. Don’t forget to select the “Live Music” box to make sure it shows up on our Echo calendar page. 

Can I write for the Echo? 

The Echo is a small publication that prioritizes paying our writers because not paying for someone’s art is bogus. That being said, we would love to see your writing examples and learn more about your capacity to write (even if it’s just a one-off piece). Send us the goods at: jwolfskill@commonchordqc.org. 

Will the Echo cover my record release/concert/etc? 

We would love to! We don’t have an army of writers ready to hit the trenches at all moments though. Your best bet in getting coverage of an event is to get it on our radar early. Send us the details (and make sure it’s on our community calendar ASAP) at jwolfskill@commonchordqc.org

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